How TotalVPN Works

If you are now in search of a VPN company that could offer you with free subscription, which is basically aimed as a trial, then you can opt to check on the stuff kept by TotalVPN. If you want to buy it, make sure you always use a to get the cheapest price. Before we discuss about how TotalVPN works, we want to let you know that this company is a newcomer. It means that it comes with quite chic look and performance.

There are great varieties of VPN companies out there, competing to give the best price with the best features. It may confuse you. Yet, try to stick to your principles and only then you will not be shaken by any good-looking temporary persona.

How It Works

So, right from the beginning, you must know that is available for devices that are operated in Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, and Android. Well, it may be considered as minimum compared to other VPNs. However, you can find other plus points kept by this VPN on its pricing levels which are quite varied and flexible. It eases you to pay for one which you think the most suitable package plan with your needs.


TotalVPN comes in three encryption methods, which are OpenVPN, PPTP and IKEv2. , just like other VPNs, is the most recommended option as it offers the most reliable security. In addition, its setup would certainly delight you. It does not require much effort to download and install the app on your devices.

Then, continue by registering an account, if you subscribe for paid plans. Free subscriptions do not require this process. As you enter the app, you can see how simple and chic the interface is, in both mobile and computer. Search through the server list, before tapping on one you want to connect to by clicking ‘Connect’ button.

After getting the connection, you are shown the server’s overview, usage, connection duration, protocol and bandwidth limit. Other features are also available in the app, such as notifications, security tips and marketing messages.

Overall Review

Despite its being the newcomer, TotalVPN proves that it can work quite well. Premium subscribers can even access 33 servers located in 27 countries. Fast-speed performance is also guaranteed. HD video streaming would give no trouble. Yet, it may be different in the free subscriptions. Well, that should be more than enough as you are also given options to choose one server from Netherlands, Iceland or Singapore if you subscribe for free.

How to cancel purevpn

is one of the leading VPN provider sin the today’s globe. Their customer support and standard services has earned them numerous best reviews in some of the impressive tech publications. If you read a review left by a user of this service, chances are top that it will be right as well. If you want to cancel PureVPN, just because of the price. You can use to get the price down.

How to cancel PureVPN

Your refund claim is within seven days of your order date. Your company ID has not been already terminated by company for any violation of terms of service.

You have not used additional than five hundred MB of bandiwth i.e. data transfer or you have not exceed thirty sessions i.e. the number of times you linked to PureVPN services.

You have not earlier claimed a refund under their company policy.

The number of connections is a bit tricky, because if you try to link fifty times but you cannot link, you have still linked fifty times

I did my tests and then I went into the PureVPN dashboard and cancelled my subscription and wrote that it asked for a complete refund in the comment field. Quite fast I got verification email that you automatic PayPal setup was terminated, but that was it. Nothing occurred! After a few days I planned to send them an email to ask what was up. It got one email telling me that they wanted to support me with my PureVPN experience and asked what the issue was. I said once more than I just wanted my refund. They once more tried to support me with the issue and once again I asked for my refund, and then I got my complete refund.


Calling PureVPN a scam is something it would call a large exaggeration. A scam is something taking your cash without providing you anything back. They make believe to be something that they are not. That cannot be said about PureVPN service. It might be that things are not working all the time and that they may have issues with their services,  but the services still job and you can use it for multiple objectives. I got my refund back which is a large plus. I had to write some email to exactly get it, but it got it.

For included convenience, they provide users a range of payment methods. These contain PayPal, credit cards, various e-wallets and prepaid cards, as well as .

SingleStep Executive Team

The Team

We have brought together a seasoned group of industry and business management professionals to guide our operations. With the right mix of experience and expertise, our executive team is poised to lead us toward our long-term vision for Singlestep.

Chris Noble, President & CEO

Chris Noble joined Singlestep Technologies as President and CEO in October 2000. He is responsible for strategic planning, day-to-day management, and execution of the Company’s business. Prior to joining Singlestep, he was a consultant to senior management teams in several different companies in the software, Internet, and wireless industries including MetroOne and Previously, Mr. Noble was a member of the senior management team at Network Commerce, Inc., an Internet infrastructure services provider, from its inception in 1997 through its Secondary Public Offering in early 2000. While at Network Commerce, Mr. Noble started and ran several new business units and was responsible for the successful integration of several of the company’s acquisitions. Earlier, Mr. Noble was a member of the management team for enterprise software company Iprax, and served as Finance Director and Campaign Manager for various statewide political campaigns in the Northeast. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

Ophir Ronen, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Ronen joined Singlestep in October 2001 as its Chief Technology Officer. As CTO, he reports to the CEO and is responsible for the technical direction of the Company and heads up Singlestep’s engineering, QA and IT efforts. Prior to joining Singlestep, Mr. Ronen co-founded Internap Network Services where he was director of research and development. While at Internap, Mr. Ronen designed and implemented the initial versions of their routing optimization software and is listed as co-inventor on six of Internap’s patented technologies. Earlier, Mr. Ronen was senior network engineer for ConnectSoft Inc.’s Commercial Network Services division. Mr. Ronen was also a recent board member of, a nationwide DSL provider.

Todd Terbeek, Executive Vice President

Todd Terbeek heads up Singlestep’s sales and marketing efforts for Singlestep and reports to the CEO. Prior to joining Singlestep in November of 2000, Mr. Terbeek was vice-president of business development at Network Commerce Inc., an Internet infrastructure services provider, from its inception in 1997 through its Secondary Public Offering in early 2000. While at Network Commerce he led the company’s strategic partnership, fund raising and mergers & acquisition efforts. From 1994 to 1997, he held positions in national account sales, channel development and brand marketing for American Greetings. Earlier, Mr. Terbeek worked in Global Marketing at Coca-Cola and as an Account Executive in the consumer products division of Burson-Marsteller Public Relations. Mr. Terbeek holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from DePauw University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Illinois.

Mark Lacas, Founder & Co-Chairman of the Board

Mark Lacas co-founded Singlestep Technologies along with David Warman in 1989 and, along with Mr. Warman, is the co-inventor of the Company’s patented VNOS technology platform. Mr. Lacas is currently responsible for Singlestep’s long-range technical vision. Prior to founding Singlestep, Mr. Lacas worked extensively in the design and implementation of engineering solutions in the aerospace, avionics, electronics, computer and networking industries, including work on the Space Shuttle and development of the nuclear reactor monitoring system on the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier.

David Warman, Founder and Chief Scientist

Mr. Warman is responsible for the architecture, design, and development of Singlestep Research and Development. He is co-inventor of the patented VNOS technology, the MediaLink Multimedia LAN protocol, and is jointly responsible for the invention, design and implementation of all Singlestep products. David Warman co-founded Singlestep with Mark Lacas in 1989 to exploit ideas they had initially generated while working together informally. Prior to this time, Mr. Warman was Senior Scientist at the data communications company Micom Communications, in Simi Valley, CA, where he was also a founding member since 1977. There he was responsible for the design and development of, and coinage of the term, “Statistical Multiplexing” products. Prior to Micom, Mr. Warman acquired extensive experience in electronic design of microprocessors, embedded data communications equipment, and Nuclear Measurement instruments. Mr. Warman holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of London.

Tom Graham, Founder and Chairman of Board of Directors

Tom Graham has been associated with Singlestep Technologies since 1993 as both investor and board member. He has previously served as a director and/or in executive management positions in various industries – biotechnology, horticultural services, marine and commercial power equipment, audio electronics, medical services, aerospace and consulting and most recently was Interim CEO and Director of Mediquest Therapeutics, a drug development company focused on development of small molecule therapeutics for oncology and other disease states. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration from University of Washington.

EasyOffice Downloading Issues

“The contents of this file cannot be unpacked … has been corrupted…
Download problem?

If you see an error message such as the one above when you run EasyOffice.exe, then there was a faulty download. (Indeed, in such a case, if you check the file size of the easyoffice.exe file you actually downloaded, it will probably be much smaller than the file on our web site.) If you prefer an Microsoft Office, you can use a to get the price down.
Use a self-recovering download utility to download large files. Click here to obtain Smart Download Utility.

Smart Download Utility is provided by Netscape, but you do NOT need to be running Netscape or even have Netscape, in order to use it. It will work perfectly with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

“Some programs don’t work, but instead give an error message that a file (eg. shell32.dll) is missing.”

EasyOffice needs a full version of Internet Explorer 5 (or higher).

, and needs a full version of Windows® that includes Internet Explorer 5 (or higher) and active desktop.  If you install EasyOffice from the CD-ROM, these components of Windows® will automatically be installed (if you agree to the prompt).

Possible reasons why Internet Explorer is not present on your computer:

Downloaded a version of EasyOffice to a computer that did not contain Internet Explorer 5+ or active desktop.
Installed from the EasyOffice CD-ROM but responded “not  to install Internet Explorer”.
Subsequently removed Internet Explorer of active desktop.
To correct this problem:

1. Uninstall EasyOffice (go to Control Panel -> Add/remove programs)
2. Install the full version of Internet Explorer 5+, by doing either of the following:

Put your EasyOffice CD-ROM back into your computer and follow the install prompts
or click here to download Internet Explorer 6 from the Microsoft® web-site
3. Install EasyOffice again (if you put the EasyOffice CD-ROM back in the computer, then it was automatically installed in Step 2).

“I have a copy of Internet Explorer 5 installed already on my computer, yet I get a message from EasyOffice telling me I need to install Internet Explorer 5 or higher. Why?”

You probably do not have a full set of Internet Explorer 5 files. Some may be older versions. Go to EasyHelper and see what version of shell32.dll you have, for example.

This issue may also arise in some cases of non-English Windows and Internet Explorer.

In many cases, installing a full Internet Explorer 5 (eg, from a Microsoft  CD-ROM or from the EasyOffice CD-ROM) seems to solve the problem. In a small percentage of other cases, in some configurations of early versions of Windows95, this problem occurs, and is solved by update to an updated version of Windows95 (ie, Windows95B or C), if this is possible in your case.

“I just downloaded a freeware copy of EasyOffice (or obtained a copy from a shareware CD-ROM). It is asking for a UserID or Serial Number or Password. What is it?

At present we don’t require any UserID for EasyOffice Freeware. If you are being asked a UserID then you may have downloaded a very old version of EasyOffice (the two UserIDs we used in the past for such versions were “free” and “demo”), or else, the company or magazine that assembled EasyOffice Freeware among other programs on the CD-ROM it gave you, put in a password. We do not have access to this password.

Suggestion: If you can’t obtain the necessary password, you can go to our downloads page and download EasyOffice Freeware :

“I want to download the full CD-ROM (700MB) but I can’t find the download listing.”

At the present time, there is no download listing to download the full CD-ROM.

At this point in time the cost and difficulty of downloading 700MB files does not make it a feasible service to offer on our website. However, as bandwidth available to the public keeps on increasing, as users become more accustomed to downloading very large files (eg, using download utilities such as Smart Download Utility ) and as bandwidth costs keep falling, these factors will make offering a full CD-ROM download feasible, and we hope to do so at some point in the future.

At the present time, if you want the full CD-ROM you must purchase it. Note that we have discounted prices for the CD-ROM for users that already have UserIDs, as well we offer a full CD-ROM, UserID, and worldwide airmail shipping package at very favorable terms. Please see Purchase Page for more details.

Nokia 7200 Organiser Functions

For detailed email, solutions special software such as Outlook is required to be present which is one of the most important part of any mobile phone today are its organizer functions. Luckily, Nokia being the market leader understands this aspect of phones very well and its handsets are very well equipped to take away pressure of every day life from the user. We begin with the timed profiles, no need to change modes from silent to general during the beginning and end of every lecture. Just feed in the times and watch the phone automatically switch between modes. If you want a secured phone, you can install Norton mobile security in your phone. Using a , you can get a very cheap price.Similarly this feature or is also very useful for the busy businessmen who do not wish to be disturbed during the daily meeting with the boss or partner. A stop watch as well as count down timer help in the daily exercise grind. For daily schedules, a To-Do list (maximum 30 entries) ensures that you remember to pick up the milk on the way back home or the kid, which depending on your hectic schedule can really be something for which you would like to be reminded.

Of course for long term commitments there is the calendar which allows long term planning. The calendar can also remind you about a meeting or diner date at the set time. Speed dialing, call waiting, call hold, automatic dialing even a call timer are other functions which make the 7200 very easy to use. The “wallet” feature which many of you must be familiar which securely stores personal information such as credit card PIN numbers and other secret information. The alarm clock can successfully wake you up, using the built in FM radio over the speaker phone if you so wish.

Memory pool is limited to 4 Mb which is shared between the different applications. As mentioned earlier there is no expansion slot to increase memory. Emails, notes , SMS, MMS all have a maximum limit. The phone book can store 500 contacts with all details filled in addition to the SIM contacts. 150 SMS in addition to SIM card inbox capacity is possible. The camera can store 25 high resolution VGA images. Some video clips, limit being 94 Kb per clip. Polyphonic tones, also compatible can be replaced after downloads. Again only a certain maximum number of polyphonic tones may be downloaded. Voice based features include voice dialing, voice commands and voice recording (max 3 minutes). An integrated hands free speaker allows listening of FM radio possible as also having a conversation with people without requiring earphones.

DSL Speed Test

To test the speed of your DSL connection, you can use an online DSL Speed tester.

The below chart gives you some idea of how fast your speed should be based on what type of service you have.

Standard Service    Your Speed

  • 274 Mbps    T4
  • 155 Mbps    OC3
  • 45 Mbps    T3
  • 34 Mbps    E3
  • 10 Mbps    Ethernet
  • 6.3 Mbps    T2
  • 3 Mbps    Cable Modem
  • 2 Mbps    E1
  • 1.5 Mbps    DSL / T1
  • 400 kbps    Satellite
  • 128 kbps    ISDN
  • 56 kbps    56k Modem
  • 28 kbps    28k Modem
  • 14.4 kbps    14k Modem
  • 14.4 kbps    Vic 20 or C64

You can use the speed tester below or visit one of the other sites listed here for a speed check.


You can also visit for a list of more than 320 speedtest sites located around the world.

They are ordered by location.

Typical DSL Upload/Download Speed Guide

ADSL Speed



512Kbps    450 Kbps    225-255 Kbps
1Mbps    915 Kbps    225-255 Kbps
2Mbps    1850 Kbps    225-255 Kbps

NOTE: Various factors such as network congestion and distance may determine your particular upload/download speeds.

Also, don’t judge your speed by what others say is fast…if it is fast enough for you, you may not need to change service just to get a little better speed. (But faster is nice!!)


SBC DSL service is offered through a partnership between SBC and Yahoo.

SBC Yahoo! DSL is now AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet. New name, same great product!

You can usually find promotional information and special deals about Yahoo DSL at

Yahoo messenger is also offering ‘Yahoo! Messenger With Voice’ which allows you to call anyone, anywhere over the internet.

PC-to-PC: Free calls worldwide

PC-to-phone: 2¢/minute or less to 30+ countries

You can learn more about this service at

Reaching support by phone:

To save money by combining Internet, phone, and other services,
you can call 1-800-891-6853 for information on Yahoo plans.

For High Speed Internet Customer Service and Technical Questions you can reach Yahoo at 1-877-722-3755

To find out if Broadband is available in your area visit:
and use the online DSL availability checker.

At only $12.99/month

For reviews on Yahoo DSL check out:

Good reviews on SBC DSL:

Bad reviews on SBC DSL:

Editors experience with SBC DSL

I have had SBC DSL for 3 years. However, I ordered SBC before they joined together with Yahoo. When the notice came to upgrade to SBC Yahoo, I pretty much just ignored it and tried to stick with plain old SBC DSL which is, what I believe I still have now.

I have rarely had any problems with this service and will continue to use it. However I did not change to ‘yahoo-sbc’ dsl.

Yahoo and SBC have now joined with AT&T to bring DSL, and who knows what this new partnership will bring?

It is also convenient to pay SBC bill online and to have 1 bill cover your phone and DSL services.

Pay your SBC bill online:

Verizon DSL

Verizon offers DSL service to help you connect to the internet from your home. If you have a , you can get a huge discount.

For home DSL the following services are offered from Verizon DSL:

  • DSL & Internet
  • FiOS Internet & TV
  • Calling Plans and Freedom Packages
  • iobi Call Management
  • DIRECTV® Service
  • Business Level DSL

Verizon also has plans for managing your business communications and data transfer.

Whether you are an internet based business, a small business, medium sized business, or in the category of ‘large business & government’, Verizon has plans to meet your needs.

You can find out more about Verizon DSL at

Additional features at Verizon are One Bill® which allows you to pay for all of your Verizon services (inlcuding Verizon DSL) on one bill.

*New Verizon :

  • Voice Wing is Verizon’s digital phone service which helps you to cut down on phone fees by connecting through the internet.
  • Voice Wing broadband phone service allows you to take advantage of new advances in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technology to make calls a lot cheaper.
  • Unlimited Nationwide Calls
  • Listen To Your Voicemail online
  • Take your number with you anywhere

You can read about Voice Wing.

To learn more about Voice Over IP technology and how it can save you money both at home and in business, check out our VOIP directory.

  • Learn how to connect your Verizon DSL modem here.
  • Do a DSL Speed Test of your Verizon DSL service.
  • Other Verizon DSL Services

Other Verizon DSL Related answers you might find at the site:

  • verizon dsl
  • verizon dsl home page
  • start dsl verizon
  • verizon business dsl
  • yahoo verizon dsl
  • verizon dsl speed test
  • verizon dsl start page

Dye Assault Matrix – Top Marker of 2015

After playing paintball for so many years now I would have to say that it is definitely more fun when you have good equipment. Playing with a rental gun and mask just puts you behind all the other players in terms of gear and makes it so you have to play that much better to win. Now if you had the best paintball gear possible you would be able to destroy your opponents on the field and of course you would have way more fun. The first step to getting the is to get the best paintball gun and that would have to be the Dye Assault Matrix. This paintball marker is just in a whole league of its own and will definitely make you a player to be feared on the field.

Best Paintball Gun – Dye Assault Matrix

What really makes this paintball gun so powerful is the fact it can shoot both regular and First Strike paintballs by use of a 10-20 round magazine. The way First Strike paintballs work is they are made out of a thicker material and are also shaped so that they are shot like a real bullet. This allows them to shoot up to 50 percent further than a normal paintball which gives you a big advantage on the field. The barrel that comes with this marker works perfect with these specialty paintballs as well so an upgrade isn’t even needed. You should be warned though they are pretty expensive and can cost you around forty dollars for a 100 rounds.

What’s so cool about the Dye Assault Matrix is the fact it is basically a high-end tourney marker that is put in a woodsball body. This allows you to shoot fast and quietly like a speedball player but have all the cool gizmos like a stock, rails, and an offset hopper. This allows you to be far more accurate than a speedball player with your first couple shots and everyone knows the first couple shots are the most important. With the rails you can even add a red dot or other cool upgrades like a flashlight or rocket launcher which is definitely useful for scenario games. Since this marker is electronic you can choose between semi, three round burst, and full auto as well as having the option to set your own firing modes. You will also be happy to know that the Assault Matrix can shoot up to 25 balls per second which is faster than you would ever need.

The first time you ever hold this marker I’m sure you will instantly fall in love. Besides just looking extremely cool like it came straight out a video games it also has a good feel to it as well. The DAM just feels right in your hands and with the stock you can aim it effortlessly. Even the trigger on this marker has a good feel to it much like a real competition rifle. The wide face on the trigger as well as the perfect pull tension is just one more feature that puts it above the rest. There is no doubt that this is the best paintball gun on the market for woodsball players and I’m not sure if anything will be able to take its place for some time.

Best Review of the Tippmann 98 Custom

If you are new to playing the game of woodsball then you probably don’t want to go out and buy the most expensive paintball gun to start with. It’s best to start with a beginner paintball marker that you can upgrade over time to make sure you will really stick to the game. When it comes to beginner paintball guns it doesn’t get much better than the 98 Custom. This is probably the most wide used paintball marker on the market today and for good reason, it’s cheap, reliable, and heavily customizable which is basically everything that a beginner to the game wants. So without wasting any more time lets jump straight into the review.

Tippmann 98 Custom Review

If you’ve been playing paintball for a little while now you’ve probably come to realize that a lot of paintball guns tend to break a lot. This can get very annoying due to the fact that you have to constantly repair your marker as well as miss out on fun paintball games. What makes the 98 Custom so popular though besides its price is both its reliability and the fact it’s so customizable.


This paintball marker can handle pretty much anything you put it through whether it be rain, dirt, or even falling onto the ground, this marker will still continue to work. This is extremely crucial for woodsball players due to the fact that you never know what will come your way while you’re out in the woods in the middle of a game.


The problem with buying a cheap paintball marker though is the fact that eventually you will want something better. Now instead of having to buy one paintball marker and then going out and buy another one half a year later, it’s smarter just to buy a gun that you can easily upgrade to become even better. The Tippmann has probably more upgrades than any other marker on the market today and can easily go from a beginner paintball gun to a professional. You can make the gun shoot faster by buying a cyclone feed hopper as well as a response trigger or e-grip. For more accuracy you can buy a better barrel, a red dot that fits dovetail rails, and a stock to give you a more stable shot. By upgrading the internals of the marker you can shoot more efficiently and get a more consistent shot which will lead to more eliminations on the field.

tippmann 98 custom review

Another cool aspect about Tippmann markers is the fact you can make it look realistic by buying mil-sim upgrades to make it look like any real gun that you want. While this does add a little bit of weight to your marker which will decrease performance on the field but if you’re playing for fun then that shouldn’t be an issue. Overall the 98 Custom is a great paintball marker and if you don’t believe me just read the Tippmann 98 Custom reviews and see for yourself. Remember to always have fun playing the great game of paintball and I’m sure this marker will make it even more fun.